Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) will be a public-private partnership and a key element of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI). The DMDII will leverage the power of computing, data analytics, intelligent machines, and sensing to drive down the time and cost to take products from concept to production. In short, this is the information technology revolution applied to Industry.

National Serving with Regional Impact

The DMDII has a national vision for strengthening U.S. Manufacturing through applied R&D, technology commercialization, education, workforce development, and a broad range of services to support tomorrow’s connected manufacturing lifecycle. Although regional by geography, the DMDII will have national impact, offering services to all U.S. manufacturers and engaging the most qualified researchers.

What Happens within a DMDII?

The DMDII will be a public-private partnership with federal funding augmenting private, state, and local investments. Federal funding will be approximately $70 million over five years with a minimum 1:1 match from non-federal sources. The Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation must be self-sustaining within five to seven years. The DMDII will be a national resource for substantially advancing U.S. competitiveness. Key to the approach is applied technology R&D to transition basic research to commercial application.

For More Information

A small number of teams are currently competing for the DMDII award.  Teams were invited for full proposals based on acceptance of their concept paper.  For more information about DMDII, refer to the links below:

DMDI Institute LinkedIn group